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3M Tegaderm I.V. Transparent Film Dressing 1635 (8.5 cm X 10.5cm)

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Features - 

⮞  Box of 50pcs.

⮞  Notch design provides a superior seal around the catheter.

⮞  Sterile micro-porous documentation mark underpins great consideration practice.

⮞  2 sterile fabric tape straps help secure & anchor catheter and infusion lines.

⮞  Suitable for use with cumbersome multi-lumen catheters.

⮞  Unique transparent “picture-frame” permits an exact and secure arrangement.

⮞  Transparent to permit perception of the catheter site.

⮞  Reinforced indents diminish mechanical worry from substantial catheters.

⮞  Semi-occlusive and waterproof to ensure against outer contaminants.

⮞  Semi-permeable permit trade of dampness vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

⮞  Conforms with bends of the body.

⮞  Sterile tape strips upgrade verifying of catheters or IV's.

⮞  Protects the cut site.

⮞  Flexes with the skin for more noteworthy patient solace.

⮞  Gentle adhesive

⮞  Minimizes application time.

Product Description - 

1635 IV Dressing with Border is made by 3M under the brand name of Tegaderm as an injury care item for securing IV catheters. The Tegaderm 1635 I.V. dressing balances out the catheter to the body to limit its development and avert disgorgement. This transparent film dressing is structured with a meager film backing and a non-stick region around the catheter site. Transparent window of the catheter site is encircled by a glue border. This transparent window accommodates perception of the IV inclusion site; along these lines, decreasing the recurrence of dressing changes. Less dressing changes bring about less injury to the patient. The dressing is fortified with a delicate material texture, made to diminish edge lift and increment patient solace. The Tegaderm 1635 dressing has a non-latex, hypoallergenic cement fringe. The swathe gives a sterile hindrance to outer contaminants, including infections, microscopic organisms, and fluids. The dressing is waterproof and has a multi-day wear time.

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SKU 3MI-008
Country of Origin USA
Brand 3M
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