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Bacillocid Special - Surface and Environmental Disinfectant

Raman & Weil
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Features -

⮞  Suitable for the cleaning surface disinfection of washable surfaces

⮞  Short Exposure Times

⮞  Effective Against Clostridium Difficile Spores

⮞  Excellent cleaning power

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Composition - Each 100 gm contains: 

- 1.6 Dihydroxy, 2-5 Dioxahexane 11.2 g.
- Glutaraldehyde 5.0 g.
- Benzalkonium Chloride IP 5.0 g.
- Alkyl Urea Derivative 3.0 g.


Areas of application - Bacillocid Special is suitable for the cleaning surface disinfection of washable surfaces using the wet-wipe procedure, for example: for medical devices and inventory, which come under the Medical Device Directive in hospitals and residential / nursing homes, particularly for all functional areas (acc. to BPD) for areas in the pharmaceutical industry that are relevant to hygiene (acc. to BPD) in laboratories and the cosmetics industry (acc. to BPD)


Directions for use - Bacillocid Special is supplied as a concentrate. Prepare use-solutions with cold water. Completely wet the washable surfaces (e.g. floors) with an adequate amount of solution.


Note - To reduce evaporation before and after application, close doors, and windows, and switch off ACs/Fans. Disinfected surfaces must remain in contact i.e. wet with a solution for 10 to 20 minutes for optimum results.


Precautions -
- Avoid contact with the concentrated solution.
- Keep away from children. 
- Do not mix with other disinfectants.

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