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Bodedex Forte - Advanced liquid cleaner for instruments - 500ml

Raman & Weil

Features -

⮞  Strong cleaning effect even with stubborn soiling

⮞  Dissolves contrast media residues and biofilms

⮞  Special material protectors

⮞  Easy to rinse off without leaving residues

⮞  Little foaming

⮞  Fragrance and colorant free.

⮞  Size - 500 ml 

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• Non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants, Solvents, complexing agents, Corrosion inhibitors, Anti-foaming agents, preservatives.

Areas of Application

• Bodedex forte can be used for self-acting the cleaning of instruments and equipment in hospitals, primary health care, and the laboratory.

• Removal of contrast media residues Instruments and devices like Duodenoscope that are contaminated with residues of contrast media.

• Anesthesia and intensive care Patient-related items such as pharyngeal tubes, masks, laryngoscope spatulas, etc.

•  Surgery Instruments, surgical equipment/ tools, blood aspirators, etc.

• Endoscopes Gastroscopes, Duodenoscope, colonoscopies, bronchoscopes, biopsy snares, and attachments, etc.

•  Laboratories Glass and porcelain containers, devices, tubing systems, etc.

•  Urology Cold light endoscopes (optics)and accessories, rectoscopes, etc.

•  Ophthalmologic instruments Dental instruments

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Part Code RM-A1011
Brand Raman & Weil
Sizes 500ml
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