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Cutasept-F For Skin Disinfection

Raman & Weil

Features -

⮞  Kills all the Microorganisms immediately.

⮞  Long-term microbicidal Effect

⮞  Cutasept F Excellent "Dressing" Antiseptic

⮞  Kills all micro-organisms within 30 seconds.

⮞  Keeps the operation site Skin suture free of germs.

⮞  Long-term residual effect. 

⮞  Excellent skin tolerance.

⮞  No staining as Cutasept F is colorless

⮞  Rapid healing

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Composition - Each 100 gms contains

• Isopropanol 63.0 gms
• Benzalkonium Chloride .025 gms


Directions for Use -

• Apply 5-10 secs. prior to preparation for injections/ withdrawals
• For pre-&post-operative skin and skin, with a swab dipped in Cutasept F with dressing forceps. Leave until dry.


Areas of Application: For Skin disinfection

• Before and after injections, especially for infants and diabetics
• Before and after insertion of drips
• Before and after blood removal
• Before and after punctures and small medicinal operations
• Before and after the insertion of catheters, endoscopes, etc.
• For dressing minor injuries, wounds, and sutures
• For bacterial and mycotic eczematous infections
• During plaster removal and change, Under complete anesthesia, it can be applied to open wounds.


Precautions -

• Do not use electrical appliances until complete drying takes place (30 sec.)
• Keep away from open flame 
• keep away from the immediate vicinity of eyes
• Do not use on mucous membranes

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