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Digital Radiography System (Mobile)15 DR / 20 DR / 32 DR

Features - 

⮞  14" x 17" wireless FPD

⮞  Customer-specific unlimited APR programming

⮞  Motor-assisted noise-free movements

⮞  Separate power pack for X-Ray generator, motor drive & console PC

⮞  360° rotation of equipment without disturbing its center

⮞  Telescopic swivel tube arm with ±270° rotation

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Product description - 

Allengers Digix Series of digital radiography systems with universal U-Arm stand are specialized models for general and specialized radiography applications.


•  14" x 17" wireless FPD.

•  Customer-specific unlimited APR programming.

•  Motor-assisted noise-free movements.

•  Separate power pack for X-Ray generator, motor drive, and console PC.

•  360° rotation of equipment without disturbing its center.

•  Telescopic swivel tube arm with ±270° rotation.

•  Inch move controls for precise positioning of the equipment with respect to the patient.

•  Most suitable in a hospital setup where mobile radiographs are performed on patients (pediatric/adult) who are incapable of being moved or are difficult to move.

•  User-friendly large touch screen operating console.

•  Images are displayed on the integrated monitor, as such retakes can be immediately undertaken & additional image views can be chosen.

•  Examinations are swift with high definition digital images produced within seconds after exposure.

•  The immediate reproducibility of images enables trauma assessment teams to act instantly on the clinical information e.g., doctors can interpret fractures immediately in the

emergency/trauma room.

•  Exposure without detector

•  Mobile DR can be synchronized with the existing hospital network.

•  Integra X integrated system for exposure and image parameters control.

•  DICOM 3.0 Compatible.

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