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Hansaplast Corn Plaster-Pack of 9pcs

Beiersdorf AG

Features - 

⮞  Helps to eliminate corns and offers immediate pressure relief

⮞  The soft-cushioning foam helps to eliminate corns with salicylic acid

⮞  Transparent, extra-long strip

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Description - Hansaplast Corn Plaster (Pack of 3) helps in removing corns faster than other corn plasters. The calloused skin and the intercellular substance holding its layers together are loosened, which leads to increased hydration and the softening of the area.

Uses: It is used in the treatment of corns and ingredient acts by loosening the structure holding the cells of the corn.

Product Specification and Features:

Corn Bandage with ring cushion in between

Ring Cushion contains salicylic acid

Contains NarmalicAmal 50% w/w for faster corn removal

Helps to eliminate the corn

It has an extra-long strip

Skin-friendly and compatible

Has a good skin tolerability

Provides fast relief from pain and friction

Directions For Use:

Clean the surface and pat it dry

Apply corn plaster on the corn, keeping centre ring of the plaster on the corn

Let it stay for 2-3 days and change if it slips from its place

Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use

Keep out of the reach of children

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Part Code 49055
Brand Beiersdorf AG
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