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Himalaya Baby Diapers

Features - 

⮞  Keeps skin dry & Soft

⮞  Prevent the risk of diaper rash

⮞  The buttery soft inner layer

⮞  Soft elastic edges prevent leakage

⮞  Soft easy-to-fit design

⮞  Breathable fabric Ensures proper air circulation

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Product description - Himalaya Baby Diapers, with its unique, soft, and easy-to-fit design, is specially formulated to provide the greatest comfort and care to your baby.


Key Ingredients - 

Aloe Vera and Yashad Bhasma: Aloe Vera and Yashad Bhasma form a protective anti-rash shield that reduces the activity of harmful enzymes*, inhibits the growth of microbes, and helps to prevent diaper rash.


Directions for Use: 

1. Clean the diaper area with ""Himalaya gentle baby wipes.""
2. Place the diaper under the baby's body & adjust the diaper below the navel.
3. Pull the velcro tapes properly & fix them in a symmetrical position.
4. Readjust if needed, to ensure a comfortable fit.

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Brand Himalaya
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