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Lead Glass 2.1 MM PB Equivalence-thickness 8MM


Features -

⮞ Excellent X-Ray shielding properties

⮞ Good electrical characteristics

⮞ Low-temperature sealing

⮞ Protects electronics against damage

⮞ Allows transparent observation

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Lead glass has traditionally been used for shielding applications where it is desirable to protect against X-Rays and gamma-rays in medical, technical, and research work. The transparent nature of the glass allows it to be used as a viewing window while still protecting the operator from harm. By varying the lead content of the material, the shielding properties can be adjusted to suit specific requirements. In addition, lead glass is commonly used in the electronics industry to encapsulate diodes. The material allows low-temperature sealing, which is essential to avoid damage to sensitive electrical components. Although environmental regulations are becoming stricter, the lead glass used for electronic applications received an exemption due to the essential and unique properties of the material. However, development in this area continues rapidly and lead-free alternatives are also becoming available for many applications.

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