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Linotox - Linen Disinfectant Concentrate (Chlorine-free) 500ml

Raman & Weil

Features - 

⮞  Extra high cleansing power.

⮞  Fabric protectors.

⮞  Excellent leave-behind fragrance, and removes all bad odors.

⮞  Chlorine-free formula, therefore, excellent for white and colored linen.

⮞  Blood dissolving capacity.

⮞  Total disinfection without the addition of any other cleansing agent.

⮞  Removal of fresh stains.

⮞  Excellent moistening capacity.

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Composition -

Each 100 gms contain
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium
- Chloride 7.0 gms
- Perfume 0.5 gms

Description - Linotox is the perfect "Pre-soak" product for contaminated linen, as well as a "final rinse" product that cleanses, and disinfects hospital linen. Its special formula contains a leave-behind fragrance that is pleasant and eliminates bad odors. Climatic conditions of the laundry section are moist and warm which contributes to the recontamination of already treated laundry, therefore, sometimes it is important to use a good disinfectant in the "final rinse".

Linotox is ideal for - 
- Infected and contaminated linen.
- Foul-smelling linen with excretion and urine.
- Linen soiled with blood and sputum.
- Clothing of patients of Communicable Diseases.
- Reusable Surgical Dressings, Blankets, gowns, undergarments & floor mops.

Note -
- It contains fabric protectors. Therefore, safe on all linen.
- It can be used in the washing machine cycle also.
- It can be used in the "Final-rinse" for the best results.
- Safe for colored linen also.

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Brand Raman & Weil
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