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Electric needle syringe destroyer


Features -

⮞  Single-step operation

⮞  Heavy-duty transformer

⮞  Electrically operated

⮞  Power:- AC 220V - 50Hz

⮞  Burn the needle electrically

⮞  Easily Cut the syringe tip

⮞  Shockproof, Portable, compact & handy

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Product description - OTBliss Syringe Needle Terminator is electrically operated and it destroys the needles and cuts the syringes simultaneously. Reusing syringes or needles can cause major infectious and diseases. So Needle burner helps to destroy or melt the needle and mechanically cuts the syringes immediately after use.


The equipment has a single-step operation with the push to open the receptacle. Its heavy-duty transformer incinerates the needle instantaneously as it is inserted in the slot and the syringe nozzle is terminated by pulling the blade handle manually.


Direction of use -

STEP-1 Switch on the device.

STEP-2 Insert the needle in the needle slot.

STEP-3 Push it gently downwards till arcing stops.

STEP-4 Put the syringe in the syringe slot.

STEP-5 Push the handle of cutting blade to cut the syringe at the nozzle.

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