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Newtech Single Lumen Hemodialysis Catheter (7 Fr X 14 G)


Features - 

⮞  Outer diameter 7F

⮞  Inner diameter 14G

⮞  Thin tube

⮞  Length=13 cm,15 cm, 16 cm & 20 cm

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Product description - 

In medical devices, a catheter is a slim cylinder expelled from medicinal grade materials (polyurethane and silicon) serving an expansive scope of capacities. Catheters are restorative gadgets that can be embedded in the body to perform out a surgery...

Essentially, there are two sorts of Hemodialysis catheters:

1.Short Term Catheters.

2.Long Term Catheters.

Additionally called Femoral Catheter as it's the catheter which can be utilized during the time spent hemodialysis for the femoral course as it were.



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Brand Newtech
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