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OAC - Walker Invalid's - Front Wheels - AL

OAC - Walker Invalid's - Front Wheels

Features - 

⮞  Lightweight

⮞  Easy Folding

⮞  Durable – Riveted Construction

⮞  Adjustable Height

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Description - Tynor Walker invalids is a convenient device to allow the patient to be mobile even with the high degrees of disability, because of old age, nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc.

More Details - 

- More Mobility as compared to “All pods” Walker. Front wheels provide rolling movement to the walker, the drag of rear legs slows the movement and controls the speed, provide more stability as compared to Walker with 3600 rotating wheels. Allows more normal gait walking pattern. Double molded wheel made of highly durable, wear resistance and resilient material.

- It is constructed from high strength aluminum alloy frame, which is strong, durable and has good weight bearing capacity. Strong riveted joints, strengthen the walker. Anodized for long lasting, superior finish, and perfect aesthetics.

- High-performance TPE Pods provides excellent traction, high wear resistance, and high resilience.

- Foldable with a net height of 10 cm makes it easy to carry, easy to fold. It can be transported in a car boot or stored under a bed.

- Foam Hand grips are extra soft & comfortable, they ensure less fatigue. Accurate ht. adjustment with 1” increments for the customized height of the walker.

- High-quality workmanship ensures smooth adjustments and improved Aesthetics.

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Brand OAC
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