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Purella - Touchless Sanitizer dispenser with Sensor & Timer

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Features - 

⮞  Equipped with Infrared sensors to detect at a point of 20

⮞  Wall mount & easy to install at entry points

⮞  Able to control the infection 2ml per cycle of 3 seconds

⮞  Easy to install and transport

⮞  8 liters can disinfect 4000 times

⮞  Indication red LED for power on & green shows dispensing of sanitizer

Product description - 

The infectious diseases like COVID 19, H 1 N 1, SARS, foodborne illness, etc can spread from person to person through hand contact So recently, the need for hand sanitizing has been tremendously increased every day, we come across things that spread germs, bacteria and viruses To name a few Doorknobs, Keyboards, Cellphones Elevator buttons, etc “Hand Hygiene” can prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, Therefore, the need for sanitization product has rapidly increased Our Purella Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the perfect solution for all your hygiene problems.


How to Use?

Place your hand under the bottom of the dispenser and an infrared sensor will detect your hand.

The Solution will be injected for 3 seconds. take off your hand once it stops dispensing/ green light off.

Rub sanitizer on your hands for 20 seconds.


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Country of Origin India
Brand Purella
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