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RADIX CG - Hygiene hand Disinfectant and Antiseptic Scrub - 500 ml

Features - 

⮞  Can be used for neonates and thyroid patients

⮞  Non degraded due to bioburden

⮞  Non-staining and skill friendly

⮞  Easy to wash off

⮞  Has 33% more shelf life than PVI scrub

⮞  Broad Spectrum kill, with residual activity

⮞  Effective in presence of organic matter

⮞  Superior action from higher available CHG and reduced surfactants

⮞  Mild for skin-friendliness

⮞  Excellent skin compatibility with emollients and moisturizers

⮞  Pleasant perfume for user compliance

⮞  Stable formulation and no carcinogenic by-products

⮞  Clinically proven

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● 20% v/v chlorhexidine gluconate solution Equivalent to 4% v/v chlorhexidine gluconate

● Non-ionic surfactants


● Broad Spectrum: Bactericidal & Fungicidal


● Antimicrobial / Procedural handwash

● Pre-and Post-operative body wash

● Professional office/clinic hand wash

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Part Code RX-B16
Brand Radix
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