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Ramadine 5% for pre and post-operative skin disinfectant

Raman & Weil


⮞  Excellent Antimicrobial Activity

⮞  Good Dermatological Compatibility

⮞  Standard Solution of 2 strengths & pre & post-operative scrub

⮞  No Pretreatment of skin

⮞  Identification of treated skin areas to prevent nosocomial infection

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- Ramadine 5 Topical Soln=POVidone Iodine IP 5%w/v


Areas of Application -

- For pre and post-operative skin disinfection, for disinfection of mucous membranes and damaged skin (decubitus and ulcus cruris, surface wounds and burns). 
-  In addition, Ramadine can be used in gynecology and urology, 7.5% PVP 
- Scrub can be used for Hygienic Hand Disinfection and for Surgical Skin Preparation


Microbiological Activities  -
Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal & sporicidal.

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