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Romsons Pedia Drip Plus (Pack of 10)


Features - 

⮞  Measured volume set to deliver a specified dose of fluid 

⮞  Burette type chamber of 100 ml with 10 ml overflow limit

⮞  100% latex free set provided with Y-injection site

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Product Description - 

Also known as Measured volume set. Drop size of 60 drops/ml. Burette chamber is made of biocompatible medical grade transparent polymer, which is DEHP free suitable for infusing all types of fluids. USFDA recommends that devices should be DEHP free as it is associated with certain potential risks, esp., to children. Patent design hanger facilitates hanging on the I.V. stand. Floating auto shut off valve acts as a floating indicator and automatically shut off the drain path to prevent air in line.No-kink device prevents kinking of the tube.

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Part Code ROM69
Brand Romsons
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