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Romsons Sil Cath External catheter


Features -

⮞  100% silicone male external catheter

⮞  Non-irritant

⮞  Skin-friendly

⮞  proper fixation

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Product Description

Soft silicone catheter is designed to be non-irritating, non-reactive and for a soft and gentle feel. Ergonomically shaped and easily rolls over the penis. Highly safe and free from any kind of allergic reaction. Transparent material allows better skin health monitoring while the catheter is in place.


- Provided with a soft adhesive strip for proper fixation to the penis shaft.

- Skin-friendly adhesive helps to maximize wear time and it also prevents accidental detachment.

- The gentle adhesive keeps the catheter in place yet allows for easy removal.

- The proximal end is designed for a safe and easy connection to a urine bag/leg bag.

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Brand Romsons
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