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SOFTPAD - Eye Pad with Adhesive Borders

⮞ Combine dressing of cotton pad with absorbing overwrap of non-woven material
⮞ Individually packed in temper proof wraps
⮞ Sterilized by Gamma irradiation/ ETO
⮞ Non-adherent to the wound
⮞ Highly absorbent cotton pad ensures slow strike-through even in case of heavy exudates
⮞ Colour: Pure White
⮞ Material: Non-woven, Polyster

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A Sterile Combine dressing is a sterile pad applied to a wound to promote healing and protect the wound from further harm. CDP is designed to be in direct contact with the wound. The aim of a CDP is to promote healing of the wound by providing a sterile, breathable and moist environment that facilitates granulation and epithelialization. This will then reduce the risk of infection, help the wound heal more quickly, and reduce scarring.
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SKU Vel-0012
Brand Softpad™
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