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SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs)

⮞ Made of 100% Cotton Gauze Fabric
⮞ Conform to EP- 17 Standards
⮞ All swabs are with folded edges (American Fold), therefore no loose threads
⮞ Available with or without X-ray detectable thread
⮞ Bleaching done by using Hydrogen Peroxide and de-mineralized water
⮞ ETO/ Gamma sterilization
⮞ Colour: White

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Softswab® is sterile gauze swab made from Thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave conforming european pharmacopoeia standard.Especially useful for dressing wounds where other fabrics might stick to the burn or laceration. Owing to the property of allowing moisture to escape, it is widely used as primary or secondary dressings. Being non-adherent, the removal of gauze is not traumatic.

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) - 5cmx5cmx8 ply, 4pc/pack

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) - 7.5cmx7.5cmx8 ply, 4pc/pack

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) - 10cmx10cmx8 ply, 4pc/pack

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) - 5cmx5cmx12 ply, 4pc/pack

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) - 7.5cmx7.5cmx12 ply,4pc/pack

SOFTSWAB (Sterile Gauze Swabs) -10cmx10cmx12 ply, 4pc/pack

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Brand Softswab®
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