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Tynor Skin Traction Set ( PUF Liner) - Adult 


Tynor - Skin Traction Set (PUF Liner)- Adult 

Features - 

⮞  Hypoallergenic

⮞  Ready to use

⮞  Extra porous

⮞  Promotes patient comfort

⮞  Cost-effective

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Description - Skin traction Set (PUF liner) is a modified version of Buck’s Extension. It is used for providing indirect traction to extremities.

More Details - 

- It is available as a complete Kit, convenient for emergencies, has an Inbuilt cord, so quick to apply. It is cost effective.

- The foam liner is designed to enhance skin friction for effective traction force without slippage. Preferably the foam liner is applied after hair removal and application of a layer of Tr. Benzoin. Offers an advantage of no skin peeling or any damage to weak or geriatric skins. It is Easy to apply and easier to remove.

- High-performance crepe bandage is provided for extra secure holding and tightening of the foam liner. It ensures no slippage and good traction force.

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Part Code TYNR91
Brand Tynor
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