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VELPORE -Surgical paper tape

⮞ Hypoallergenic and 100% Latex free
⮞ White, lightweight, non-woven paper tape
⮞ Porous, allowing skin to breath
⮞ Gentle to skin
⮞ Holds well on skin
⮞ Conformable
⮞ Water repellent
⮞ Easily hand tearable
⮞ No traces of adhesive remains on the skin after removal
⮞ Colour: White
⮞ Material: Non-woven, acrylic adhesive

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Velpore™ is the pressure sensitive adhesive tape which is used to hold primary dressing & bandages. It is easy to apply and strong enough to work well on the skin when moving or bending. It is available in different sizes that are used depending on the need and requirement.

VELPORE -Surgical paper tape - 1/2 inch x 9.1m (24 rolls)

VELPORE -Surgical paper tape - 1 inch x 9.1m (12 rolls)

VELPORE -Surgical paper tape - 2 inch x 9.1m (6 rolls)

VELPORE -Surgical paper tape - 3 inch x 9.1m (4 rolls)

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SKU Vel-0013
Brand Velpore™
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