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Apex - Cervical Pillow Regular


Available Size - Universal 

Features - 

⮞  Soft & cushiony feel

⮞  Plush looks

⮞  Durable high-density PU foam

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Description - Cervical Pillow is designed to keep the neck in the slight hyperextension position at night to counter the stress and strain of the day where we tend to keep the neck in the opposite “flexion” position. It cures the cervical problems while you sleep.

- Anatomically shaped, molded from PU Foam with optimal density, provides effective support to the neck. It has a long functional life and good resilience.

-  It has a scientific design, maintains the neck in slight hyperextension and provides muscle relaxation.

- Covered with soft fabric, provides a nice touch, feel and pleasing looks. It is removable and washable.

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Part Code APX-M5
Brand Apex
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