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Bacillo-floor - Surface Disinfectant Concentrate

Raman & Weil

Features -

⮞  Better economy, at 0.1% dilution.

⮞  Aldehyde free, and safe for all surfaces

⮞  Effectivity against a broad range of bacteria, fungi, even at 0.1% dilution.

⮞  It contains inbuilt "cleanses" for thorough cleaning.

⮞  Leave pleasant fragrance

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Composition - Each 100g contain :

- Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride-7g
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Fragrance, Excipients Q.s


Instructions For Use
- Use 0.1% dilution with water for rooms, wards, toilets, corridors, laboratories, kitchen, laundry rooms, pharmaceutical industry, etc For Critical Care Areas : (O.T.'s, I.C.U, N.I.C.U., etc.) use 2% solution
- 100ml in 5 Ltrs. water -Mopping / Fogging
- Wash floors and other tiled surfaces, taking care to cover corners and other inaccessible areas.
- For optimum effect, keep floors wet for 15 mins or more.
- Use the freshly diluted solution for optimum results.
- Aldehyde free, and safe for all surfaces of the health spheres, i.e. wards, corridors, toilets, pathological laboratories, dental clinics, kitchens, the pharmaceutical industry.



- Avoid contact with the concentrated solution.
- Do not mix with, any other cleansing.

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Brand Raman & Weil
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