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Bacttol 25 - Surface and Equipment Disinfactant - 225 ml

Raman & Weil

Features -

⮞  Evaporates & leaves extremely low residues

⮞  Filtered through 0.2 Micron in-line filter

⮞  Adjustable trigger sprayer attached

⮞  Contains no stabilizers or denaturants

⮞  Packed in Triple bagged, Gamma radiated

⮞  Ideal for removal of process residues from hard surface & routine glove decontamination

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Product description -

Bacttol can be used to clean surfaces and equipment. Mainly used to cleanroom areas, pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical devices facilities or anywhere which require the use of sterile, non-pyrogenic alcohol solution.

Properties -

Bacttol is a bactericidal surface spray disinfectant Hospital grade/ Pharma Grade. It is suitable for surface disinfection of critical areas, such as laminar flow cabinets and of materials, to be used in critical areas such as aseptic dispensing of pharmaceuticals. It is filtered to 0.2 microns, bolled and triple bagged. It is gamma-irradiated, triple bagged to maintain a sterility assurance level.

Bacttol is a general-purpose disinfectant for hospital equipment, or surface not likely to come into contact with broken skin.


Direction of Use -

Use undiluted. Clean surfaces first, the disinfectant may not be effective if the surface is not pre-cleaned.

A Convenient trigger sprayer with settings for stream or mist spraying is included in all bottles.

The Steam setting is ideal for targeting specific hard to reach areas, while the mist setting is used to cover large areas.

Spray two times onto the surface to be disinfected, ensuring the nozzle is 30cm/8 inches from the surface.

Spray the area until it is completely covered with the solution or wipe bacttol onto the surface using cleanroom grade wipers.

Leave for 1 minute and allow to air dry.


Applications -

Wipe down of isolators, laminar flow hoods, and surfaces.

Use on Gloves hands in Sterile sections

Wipe down of products and equipment for pass-through to controlled environments.

Ideally suited for use with sterile clean rooms wipes


Composition -

Ethanol I.P. 10 gms
2-Propanol I.P. 9 gms
1-Propanol 6gms

Please Note -

Use in well-ventilated areas.
The enclosed bottle and its contents are sterile if the outer bag is intact.

Sterility cannot be guaranteed if the outer bag is damaged.

Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals.
Bottled & tripled bagged, which is then gamma radiated to maintain sterility.



Do not come in contact with flame or extreme heat.
Avoid eye and skin contact and ingestion.
Not be swallowed.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store below 25 Degree temperature.

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