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BPL Medical Technologies 120/80 B9 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (White)

BPL Medical Technologies

Features - 

⮞   Accuracy - BPL B9 is highly accurate with a minimum deviation of +/ -3mmhg, it works on the oscillometric principle

⮞   Cuff size - larger cuff size 22x45 cm, recommended for adults

⮞   Interpretation - reading can be easily interpreted with average value of last three readings

⮞   Memory - it can store upto 74 reading for an individual user

⮞   Ease of use - in case of incorrect usage of device or incorrect cuff placement error message is displayed for the user

⮞   Display - 3.2" Inch LCD display

⮞   Design - it can be operated on battery or an a medical adaptor, a storage pouch is included with the machine

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Brand BPL Medical Technologies
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