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Dispovan Blood Collection Set


HMD - VAKU-8+ Blood Collection Set

Box of 100 Pcs.

Features - 

⮞  Flexible Wings Textured surface easily pinch together to provide a secure grip.

⮞  Needle with short bevel, minimizes chances of vein perforation. 

⮞  Kink Resistance Tubing assuring continuous flow.

⮞  Feamle Luer Lock for secure fitment. 

⮞  Self Sealing Non Latex Protection Sheath automatically covers needle before & after insertion.

⮞  Protective Shield in VAKU-8+ ensures there are no secondary needle sticks and no reuse of device.

⮞  Screw Threads can fit in any standard vacuum tube holder.

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Description - VAKU-8$& VAKU-8+ Blood Collection Set with safety shield, offer the ideal solution for accessing difficult veins for blood sampling by utilizing the wings to control needle placement. The wings ensure no trauma due to the rolling of the needle and minimize chances of vein perforation. Distal vein wall puncture aside from causing patient discomfort due to repeated pricks, can result in increased chances of Phlebitis and other related problems. 
A non-latex rubber sheath envelops the needle of multiple sample adaptor, automatically retracting as the needle penetrates the vacuum tube stopper and upon withdrawal, recovers the needle. This sheath helps in avoiding accidental needle sticks to personnel using it as well as avoiding blood spillage.With VAKU-8', there is a safety shield for covering the needle post use to prevent accidental needle stick injuries.

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