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Mobile X-Ray Machine (Spring / Counter Balance) MARS 15/30


Features - 

⮞  Elimination of motion artifacts

⮞  Substantially lower exposure factors

⮞  Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR).

⮞ Swivel ±90° Tube arm rotation.

⮞  Inbuilt capacitor bank for power storage

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Product description - 

Allengers MARS 15/30 KW Mobile X-Ray machines are based on HF X-Ray generation technology.

  Elimination of motion artifacts due to lower exposure time (excellent film quality).

•  Substantially lower exposure factors due to high frequency.

•  Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR).

•  Swivel ±90° Tube arm rotation.

•  Inbuilt Power Pack for exposures without main supply - DUO PP (optional).

•  Inbuilt capacitor bank for power storage.

•  Compact, lightweight, and easy to move with small footprints.

•  Negligible skin dose due to lower exposure factors (radiation safety to patients and operators).

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