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Newtech ClearConnector - PTCA Y-Connectors


Features -

⮞  Automatic contrast media injectors

⮞  Connectors are easy, fast and accurate

⮞   Clean and safe product

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Product description -

ClearConnectors are the simple & easy, quick and precise solitary intravascular gadget for the inclusion of PTCA Guidewire. Immaculate addition gadget regarding the trustworthiness of the covered surface with a mix of a hemostatic valve and an incorporated valve opener. It is a spotless and safe item with a limited reverse hence restricting blood misfortune during the methodology.

More details -

Can be utilized with automatic contrast media injectors utilizing a stream rate of up to 15cc every second and setting pressure of up to 600 psi.
Perfect with any angiography device that experiences 9Fr or littler guide catheters.
Perfect with 0.014-0.038€ breadth guide wires.
Solitary control. Limits blood misfortune.
We have three kinds of PTCA Y-connectors Push-Pull, Push click and Screw.
Enormous bore Inner lumen encourages the medicinal gadget to be embedded all the more productively.

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Brand Newtech
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