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Newtech ClearSlit Hand Control Pencil

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Features -

⮞  Stainless Steel tip – 4 cm

⮞  Diameter of the tip – 2.3mm

⮞  PVC medical cable – 3m

⮞  Maximal output current: – 1A

⮞  Frequency confine: 0-1.0MHZ

⮞  Ways of aseptic technique: Sterile EO

⮞  Current resistance: 200 (Ohms)

⮞  Appropriate switch sensitivity.

⮞  Streamlined 

⮞  Anti-slippery surface

⮞  Lightweight

Product description - 

Newtech Medical devices provide excellent push-button disposable ClearSlit. (We also have Tip cleaner.) 170mm-ABS pencil appearance.

More Information
Country of Origin India
Brand Newtech
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