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Nipro 5ml syringes without needle (Box of 100 pcs)


Features - 

⮞  Barrel: Polypropylene 

⮞  Plunger: Polypropylene

⮞  Gasket: Thermoplastic elastomer

⮞  Sterilization: Gamma

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Product description - High-Grade Material & Smooth Performance.

Gamma Sterilized Product - Next Generation sterilization technology, widely accepted across the Globe. Does not leave behind harmful residues in the product, unlike ETO sterilization.

In-house Manufacturing of SS Needle – Ultra sharp needle tip- state of the art Japanese technology.

Medical grade three PieceSyringe - Avoid leakage and wastage of medicine Ensure exact dosage delivery of medication.

Crystal Clear Barrel - Easy identification of calibration Ensures accuracy in medication delivery.

Unique NIPRO Siliconized coating on the needle and within barrel - Smooth gliding effect over the skin. Also assures constantly smooth plunger action along with the entire length of the barrel. Reduced friction causes minimal pain.

Gasket - Thermoplastic Elastimer - Natural rubber latex-free (Avoid allergic reactions) Smooth effortless plunger movement. No foul smell of latex.

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Part Code NP-R5
Brand Nipro
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