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Radix Blue Fogg Disinfection system - Dry Fogg technology for critical Area


Features - 

⮞ Ideal tool for Aerial fumigation & environmental disinfection

⮞ Highly effective technology for critical Area

⮞ Prevent microbial contamination

⮞ Low maintenance cost & reliable in operation

⮞ Used for disinfectant/fumigant solutions

⮞ faster and safer procedure

⮞ High effective in infection control

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Technical Details - 

1. High-speed Motor drive, maximum reliability, and best performance.

2. Disinfectant tank fully autoclavable, leak-proof set, sturdy, and rust-free.

3. Nozzle generates aerosol less than a micron size drops (Dry fog).

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Part Code 46729
Brand Radix
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