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Romsons Feeding Tube With Graduated Scale (Pack of 100)


Features - 

⮞  Infant feeding tube with graduation

⮞  Distal end is coned with two lateral eyes

⮞  Tube is marked at every cm.

⮞  Tip starting from 5cm to 40cm for accurate placement

⮞  Easy connection to feeding funnel or syringe


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Product Description - Also known as an infant feeding tube or nasogastric tube. The tube is manufactured from medical grade PVC material which is DEHP free. USFDA recommends that devices should be DEHP free as it is associated with certain potential risks, especially to children. The tube is graduated and is super smooth with low friction, the frozen surface which facilitates atraumatic intubation. The radiopaque line runs throughout the length of the tube for instant X-ray visualization.

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Brand Romsons
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