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Romsons Respirometer Spirometer Lung Exerciser


Features - 

⮞  Used for lung exercise

⮞  Specially designed with 3 stage chambers

⮞  Provide more efficient exercise to the patient at a step up basis

⮞  Can be disassembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection

⮞  Non-sterile

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Product Description - 

If you are looking to overcome that frustration of not being able to climb a flight of stairs without experiencing shortness in breath, or if you wish to go for long walks without feeling completely drained out, it is time to invest in the Romsons Respirometer (GS 6082). This device will help you to expand your lungs to its natural capacity. so that your lungs begin to work optimally. The device is designed especially with a three-stage chamber to offer more efficient exercise to the patient on a step-up basis. The 3 spheres will rise in proportion to the level of inspiration that is exerted. The design of the Romsons Respirometer (GS 6082is very innovative modern the best part is that it can be easily dismantled into different parts so you can effectively clean it disinfect.

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Brand Romsons
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