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Romsons Silko Cath Silicone Foley Catheter (Pack of 10)


Features -

⮞  Clear material enables visualization of drained urine

⮞  Hard non-return valve ensures easy inflation and deflation of the balloon

⮞  Symmetrical balloon facilitates proper bladder retention

⮞  Colour coded valve for easy size identification

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Product Description 

100% silicone material foley catheter. Inert silicone material reduces irritation for optimal patient comfort for long term use and enhanced safety. Remarkably smooth, the non-stick surface of the silicone catheter makes it highly resistant to encrustation. The smooth tapered tip of the catheter facilitates easy introduction into the urethra. Distal eyes are super smooth and proportional to provide atraumatic insertion and are accurately formed to permit effective drainage.

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Brand Romsons
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