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Suction Machine - AC/DC/Foot operated Suction - (USI-UNIVAC-II)


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Product description - AC, DC, Foot operated and Battery powered suction unit that can be used in a wide variety of situations by emergency services, paramedic units and for Ambulance because of its battery operation.

Technical Specification - 

Maximum vacuum 600 mm Hg
Pump Type Oil Free
Jars 01 Polycarbonate Jar with overflow safety
Jars Capacity 1,000 ml
Filters Bacterial filters fitted at the top
Motor PMDC
Vacuum Gauge 50 mm
Noise Level 50 dB +/- 3 dB
Battery 12V 4.5AH
Battery Backup 90 min
Battery Indication Low Battery level indication provided
Overflow Safety Provided
Power Supply Requirement 220V ± 10% AC, 50-60Hz

Product Warranty -
1 year

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Part Code 47382
SKU AS-601
Brand Allengers
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