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Tynor Weight Cuff


Tynor - Weight Cuff  

Features - 

⮞  Soft and comfortable feel

⮞  Secure grip

⮞  Can be used for wrist or Ankle

⮞  No accidents, no injury

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Description - The Weight Cuff is designed for a complete physiotherapy program. It has a long and double safety hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and a secure fitting. It also ensures that the cuff fits snugly and is easy to wear. Greater range of movement can be achieved during exercise because the weight cuff does not slip or slide off during, even the most strenuous exercising program. Can be ideally used for an exercise program for paraplegics and invalids.

More Details - 

- These weight cuffs help in improving muscle strength, muscle tone, and stamina through load resisting exercises. It can drastically improve the effectiveness of aerobics.

- Filled with low friction smooth steel balls for the soft feel, easy wearing and to make the product accident free. A high density of steel balls ensures the small volume of the product and convenience of use.

- Reverse buckle mechanism ensures secure tightening, easy application, and removal of the cuff and flexible sizing. Aerodynamic shape ensures good grip and better aesthetics.

- Made from strong spandex fabric for durability, enhanced comfort, and pleasing aesthetics.

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Brand Tynor
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