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Zeal LED Phototherapy Unit - PT4104

Zeal Medical

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1. Robust Phototherapy Stand -

Heavy-duty mobile stand phototherapy unit mounted on 2" castors. The light source consisting of a polycarbonate enclosure.

2. LED Light Source - Consist of blue LED's (16 no.s) and white LED's (04No.s)

Under surface phototherapy - Consist of blue LED's (08 nos.)

3. Height Adjustment Facility -

In over surface phototherapy unit, light source box has height adjustment facility approx. 0.95 m to 1.5 m from the floor.

4. Swivel of Light Box -

Over surface phototherapy stand have light sorce box swiveling facility continous up to 90" on both sides.

5. Effective Surface Area -

Effective surface area 40 cm x 30 cm at 35/45 cm from light source with uniformity ratio of >0.40

Overhead Phototherapy - Irradiance at skin level measures upto 67.5 ohmW/cm2/nm.

Under Surface Phototherapy - Irradiance at skin level measures upto 37.02 ohmW/cm2/nm.

6. Low Power Consumption -

Overhead Phototherapy - Power 122 VA.

Under Surface Phototherapy - Power 40 VA.

7. Dual Digital Timer -

Dual digital cumulative hour timer for total LED usage and patient exposure .LED lamps rated to last upto 50,000 hrs.

8. Overheat Protection -

It has a built -in thermal protection . No matter the case,If the temperature inside the phototherapy gets reach around 90degree C. Total circuit gets cut-off from the main supply.

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