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Baccishield Aldehyde-free Surface & Environmental Disinfectant - conc 1 Liter

Raman & Weil


⮞  Nontoxic and non - irritant 

⮞  Non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic

⮞  Good material compatibility

⮞  Size - 1 Liter 

⮞  Specially used in Hospitals, Operation Theatres, ICU.

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- Complex Formulation of Stabilized
- Hydrogen Peroxide 11 % w/v with Silver Nitrate Solution (diluted) 0.01 % w/v

Area of Application -

For Surface Disinfection: Surfaces of Hospitals, Operation, Theatres, ICU's, Polyclinics, Dental Clinics, OPD's Blood Banks, Clinical / Diagnostic Laboratories.

For Fogging: Fogging can be done Fogging Machine. Optimum efficacy is Obtained with low-pressure sprayers. A 1000 cu. ft. area room is ready in 60 minutes with only 20% Baccishield.

Please Note -
- To reduce evaporation before and after application, close doors, and windows and switch off ACs/Fans.
- Disinfected surfaces must remain in contact i.e. wet with a solution for 20 minutes for optimum results.

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Part Code RM-A1022
Brand Raman & Weil
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