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Newtech UneCath Hemodialysis Catheter


Features - 

⮞  Tested for toxicity and hemocompatibility

⮞  Ensures the correct placement of the catheter

⮞  Comfortable for the patient

⮞  Rotated suture wing

⮞  Avoid infection

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Product description - 

•  The Newtech UneCath Hemodialysis Catheter helps to reduce the trauma to the vessel wall upon introduction and in‐situ.

•  The radiopaque catheter and tip encourage vessel area when imagined by X‐Ray.

•  It is tested for toxicity and hemocompatibility and become softer in body temperature.

•  Its sufficiently radiopaque materials ensure the correct placement of the catheter.

•  The extensions are bent for jugular vein ways to deal with make the catheter increasingly comfortable for the patient.

•  The rotated suture wing provides secure external anchoring.

•  The specially‐made adaptor helps to avoid infection.

• It is accessible twofold and triple lumen and comes in Straight and J tips.

•  It is available in 32 variants.

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Brand Newtech
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