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Aceptik Hospital Concentrate | Powerful Germicide Antiseptic Liquid (1 Liter)

Raman & Weil

Features - 

⮞  Broad Spectrum Microbicide shows a superior effect on Staph

⮞  Effective especially in reducing cross-infection in hospitals

⮞  Effective even in the presence of organic matter

⮞  Nontoxic  & Cost-effective 

⮞  Contains CHG, which is effective against HIV

⮞  Compatible with skin pH

⮞  Versatile & time-tested Pleasant fragrance

⮞  Size - 1 liter 

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Description - Aceptik HC has a broad-spectrum efficacy. This is a formulation, which contains an active antiseptic, & surfactants. So it is a unique combination that makes it effective on microorganisms.


Advantages of Aceptik HC

• On appropriate dilutions, Aceptik HC brings about 3 log reduction in the bacterial count (gram-ve and gram+ve).
• Cleans the affected areas off their bio-burden or organic material.
• Aceptik HC is a great all-rounder" Disinfectant-cum-Antiseptic



• ChlorhexidineGluconateSoln.IP-7.5%v/v
• Cetrimide IP -15.0%w/v
• Isopropyl Alcohol IP-7.0%v/v


Where to use Aceptik HC? General skin disinfection

• Disinfection of living tissues.
• Aseptic management of burns.
• Skin disinfection for pre-operative & other procedures.
• Cleaning & disinfection of dirty wounds.

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Part Code RM-A1016
Brand Raman & Weil
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