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Aceptik - Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic liquid 1 Liter

Raman & Weil

Features - 

⮞  Broad Spectrum Microbicide shows a superior effect on Staph

⮞  Effective especially in reducing cross-infection in hospitals 

⮞  Effective even in the presence of organic matter 

⮞  Nontoxic 

⮞  Effective against HIV 

⮞  Versatile & time-tested Pleasant fragrance

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Area Of Application on Skin -

• For minor abrasions, stings, insect bites & grazes. 
• Minor burns and scalds & shaving cuts 
• Blisters and sores 
• Spots and blackheads 
• Sunburns, nappy rash, chapped skin 
• New tattoos, blisters, etc. 
• Aceptik LA can be used for Psoriasis.
• To flatten and fade keloid scars


On Instruments & Equipments 
• Washing of Hospital equipment 
• Cleansing of catheters, drainage tubes, tubings, etc (Prior to sterilization) 
• Disinfection of used instruments, bedpans, sputum mugs, etc. 
• Disinfection & cleaning of toilets, ward furniture. 
• Swabbing of floors. 
• It has multiple uses in pharmaceutical sterile sections.


• ChlorhexidineGluconateSoln.IP-0.3%v/v •CetrimideIP-0.6%w/v 
• Isopropyl Alcohol IP-3.0%v/v


• Instruments containing mirror or other cemented glass components should not be immersed in Aceptiksolutions. 
• Prolonged immersion of rubber appliances in Aceptiksolutions is not recommended.

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Brand Raman & Weil
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